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Shimano Dura Ace EX MA-200 Bremshebel Set Vintage neuwertig

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Produktinformationen "Shimano Dura Ace EX MA-200 Bremshebel Set Vintage neuwertig"
  • Vintage Shimano Dura Ace EX MA-200 Bremshebel Set aus den 70er- 80er
  • mit original Bremshussen
  • Dem Alter entsprechend neuwertig, leichte Kratzer an einem Hebel 
  • Non-Aero
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Kundenbewertungen für "Shimano Dura Ace EX MA-200 Bremshebel Set Vintage neuwertig"

Vintage Dura Ace Brake Levers

I purchased these vintage brake levers to help complete the rebuild of my Raleigh 531 frame with a complete Dura Ace groupset.

The brake levers from Studio Brisant looked to be in very good condition with very few "usage" marks and original hood covers. The fotos gave a very clear picture of the product.
On receipt of the brake levers I can say they are in excellent condition even considering that they are40 year old components.

There are tiny scratches on one lever that will polish out, the other lever looks brand-new. The original rubber hoods are also excellent - slightly discoloured over time, but still soft and flexible. They will look absolutely fantastic on my new (old) bike.

I never had any doubt about ordering these items because the description and fotos were so clear and the prices were also very competitive.

Delivery and customer service was first class and I will definately be looking through their stock for more items in the future.

Thank you for a perfect onliner buying experience. 10/10 !

Admin 25.02.2021

Hi Steve, big thanks for that really nice feedback*


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