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CYCLUS TOOLS, Kettennieter, für 7/8/9/10, Speed, Shimano, Ketten
CYCLUS TOOLS chain rivet for 7/8/9/10 speed...
Workshop version Weight: 162 g
€11.80 *
Kabelzange Bowdenzugschneider
Cable pliers Bowden cable cutter
Cable cutting pliers for cutting cables and outer sheaths to length Integrated mandrel enables re-piercing of interface Comfortable working due to ergonomic, rubber covered handles
€28.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS Counterholder for chainring nut and crank bolt
CYCLUS TOOLS Counterholder for chainring nut...
Workshop version for clean work with guide bolts
€17.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS Gewindebohrer M3 + M5 + M10
CYCLUS TOOLS Taps M3 + M5 + M10
Workshop quality "Made by Cyclus for selection in M3, M5 or M10 3 mm x 0,5 suitable e.g. for screws in the drop-out 5 mm x 0.8 suitable e.g. for bottle holder drilling and luggage rack drilling 10 mm x 1 suitable e.g. for derailleur...
From €8.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS, Gewindebohrerpaar, M14, Pedalgewinde, links/rechts
CYCLUS TOOLS pair of taps M14 pedal thread...
Workshop version The pair of taps for pedal threads 9/16" is designed for recutting pedal threads The scope of delivery includes a tap for the left pedal thread (milled ring below the tap holder) and a tap for the right pedal thread (no...
€37.80 *
Kettennietdrücker Kettennieter 1 1/8 bis 10 Speed Ketten Werkstattausführung
Chain rivet pusher Chain riveter 1 1/8 to 10...
Chain riveter Chain riveter for 5 to 10 Speed rivets also thick 1/8 chains Workshop version solid quality
€14.80 *
Solider Kettennietdrücker Kettennieter Vernietung 3/32 Ketten
Solid chain rivet pusher chain riveter riveting...
the chain riveter with the adjustable rivet plate Riveting of 3/32 simple design
€6.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS, Windeisen, verstellbar, verschiedenen größen,
CYCLUS TOOLS Winch iron adjustable in different...
Workshop quality "Made by Cyclus Tools in 3 different sizes selectable
From €13.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS press-in tool for headset 1" inch + 1 1/8" inch
CYCLUS TOOLS press-in tool for headset 1" inch...
Workshop version "Mady by Cyclus Tools Top quality for perfect work suitable for 1" inch (2.54 cm) and 1 1/8" inch (2.86 cm)
€69.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS Fräswerkzeug für Steuerrohr 1"Zoll 30 mm
CYCLUS TOOLS milling tool for head tube 1 "inch...
Workshop version "Mady by Cyclus Tools Top quality for perfect work
€178.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS, Einschläger, für Aheadkralle, 1", 1 1/8",
CYCLUS TOOLS impactor - for Ahead claw 1" and 1...
Workshop version for Ahead claw 1" and 1 1/8 The Cyclus Tools impactor guarantees exact insertion of the Ahead claw into the steerer tube at a previously defined impact depth Screw the required socket into the impactor by hand (1" or 1...
€48.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS, Schneidöl, Tropfflasche, 100ml,- für Fräs- und Schneidarbeiten
CYCLUS TOOLS cutting oil in dropper bottle...
Workshop version Special oil suitable for milling and cutting work for the easier processing of cutting operations e.g. thread cutting, milling
€10.80 *
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