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Solider Kettennietdrücker Kettennieter Vernietung 3/32 Ketten
Solid chain rivet pusher chain riveter riveting...
the chain riveter with the adjustable rivet plate Riveting of 3/32 simple design
€6.80 *
Kettennietdrücker Kettennieter 1 1/8 bis 10 Speed Ketten Werkstattausführung
Chain rivet pusher Chain riveter 1 1/8 to 10...
Chain riveter Chain riveter for 5 to 10 Speed rivets also thick 1/8 chains Workshop version solid quality
€14.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS press-in tool for headset 1" inch + 1 1/8" inch
CYCLUS TOOLS press-in tool for headset 1" inch...
Workshop version "Mady by Cyclus Tools Top quality for perfect work suitable for 1" inch (2.54 cm) and 1 1/8" inch (2.86 cm)
€67.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS Gewindebohrer M3 + M5 + M10
CYCLUS TOOLS Taps M3 + M5 + M10
Workshop quality "Made by Cyclus for selection in M3, M5 or M10 3 mm x 0,5 suitable e.g. for screws in the drop-out 5 mm x 0.8 suitable e.g. for bottle holder drilling and luggage rack drilling 10 mm x 1 suitable e.g. for derailleur...
From €8.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS, Gewindebohrerpaar, M14, Pedalgewinde, links/rechts
CYCLUS TOOLS pair of taps M14 pedal thread...
Workshop version The pair of taps for pedal threads 9/16" is designed for recutting pedal threads The scope of delivery includes a tap for the left pedal thread (milled ring below the tap holder) and a tap for the right pedal thread (no...
€37.80 *
Kabelzange Bowdenzugschneider
Cable pliers Bowden cable cutter
Cable cutting pliers for cutting cables and outer sheaths to length Integrated mandrel enables re-piercing of interface Comfortable working due to ergonomic, rubber covered handles
€28.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS Counterholder for chainring nut and crank bolt
CYCLUS TOOLS Counterholder for chainring nut...
Workshop version for clean work with guide bolts
€17.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS Fräswerkzeug für Steuerrohr 1"Zoll 30 mm
CYCLUS TOOLS milling tool for head tube 1 "inch...
Workshop version "Mady by Cyclus Tools Top quality for perfect work
€178.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS Richtwerkzeug zum Herausdrücken von Höhenschlägen
CYCLUS TOOLS Straightening tool for pressing...
Workshop version Weight: 532 g It may be necessary to loosen or remove individual spokes before use. Place the tool in the place of the height impact to be removed (recess in the rim) between the hub body and the inside of the rim. Now...
€49.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS, Kettennieter, für 7/8/9/10, Speed, Shimano, Ketten
CYCLUS TOOLS chain rivet for 7/8/9/10 speed...
Workshop version Weight: 162 g
€11.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS, Windeisen, verstellbar, verschiedenen größen,
CYCLUS TOOLS Winch iron adjustable in different...
Workshop quality "Made by Cyclus Tools in 3 different sizes selectable
From €13.80 *
CYCLUS TOOLS, Einschläger, für Aheadkralle, 1", 1 1/8",
CYCLUS TOOLS impactor - for Ahead claw 1" and 1...
Workshop version for Ahead claw 1" and 1 1/8 The Cyclus Tools impactor guarantees exact insertion of the Ahead claw into the steerer tube at a previously defined impact depth Screw the required socket into the impactor by hand (1" or 1...
€48.80 *
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