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Vintage Bikes / Classic Road Bikes

Kalkhoff Professional 11 S "Dura Ace EX" road bike / classic bike

Kalkhoff Professional 11 S Classic Bike "Legend" in almost unused condition and complete Dura Ace EX equipment!

Ti Raleigh Classic Bike

The classic from Nottingham - the famous Ti Raleigh Team colour version in mint condition and complete Campagnolo Record equipment!

Oscar Simonato "Super Special" road bike classic bike

An Oscar Simonato classic with complete Campagnolo Record equipment!

Puch World Champion Dura Ace Black Classic Road Bike

A Puch Classic - Original condition - Dura Ace Black interior and top model of the former traditional brand Puch "Made in Austria

Gazelle Champion Mondial AA Frame Road Bike / Classic Bike

70s handmade by Gazelle, complete Campagnolo Nuovo Record "Panto Black" equipment!

Leto Technics Berlin Road Bike / Classic Bike

Leto Technics Classic Bike - Frame construction from Berlin with Campagnolo C-Record full equipment - craftsmanship in perfection!

Francesco Moser Road Bike / Classic Bike

Francesco Moser gold piece - complete Panto Campagnolo Gran Sport equipment!

Francesco Moser "Cromovelato" Aero Road Bike / Classic Bike

80's handmade in Italy by the legend Francesco Moser in the rare "Cromovelato" lacquer + aero model - complete Campagnolo Super Record/Record equipment!

Chesini road bike / classic bike

Noble road bike with complete Campagnolo Gran Sport equipment and almost untouched condition!

Vitus 979 Dural road bike / classic bike

Vitus 979 Dural road bike - 80s alumiuim era! Extremely rare! Valuable collector's item! Extravagant noble equipment!

Gios Torino "Professional" Road Bike / Classic Bike

Gios Professional Classic Bike with Campagnolo Super Rekord full equipment - the classic not in blue but in white!

Pogliaghi Road Bike / Classic Bike

80's cult wheel by Sante Pogliaghi from Italy in an extravagant look - Campagnolo Super Record/Record equipment!
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