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Vintage Bikes / Classic Road Bikes

Kalkhoff Professional 11 S "Dura Ace EX" road bike / classic bike

Kalkhoff Professional 11 S Classic Bike "Legend" in almost unused condition and complete Dura Ace EX equipment!

Olmo "Competition" Full Panto

An Olmo Competition with complete Campagnolo Record "Panto" Olmo equipment!

Koga Miyata "Gent`s Racer" road bike / classic bike

A blast! A jewel par excellence: a Koga Miyata "Gent`s Racer" in absolute original condition and beautifully preserved!

Bianchi "Record 915 Victory" Black road bike / classic bike

Bianchi collector's item, original restored - a legend in the cult colour "Celeste" with panthographs and complete Victory equipment!

Ti Raleigh 753 road bike / classic bike "Campagnolo 50th Anniversary

The classic from Nottingham - the famous Ti Raleigh 753 Team colour version in perfect condition and complete Campagnolo "50th Anniversary" equipment!

Moser Mixte Ladies Road Bike

70s handmade by Moser, complete Giepiemme equipment!

Lüders Road Bike / Classic Bike

Made in Germany by Lüders - a classic road bike with a wonderful design and workmanship - all completed with rare components!

Castelli Road Bike / Classic Bike

Castelli Classic Bike with Campagnolo Croce d'Aune full equipment - Vento Laurad wheels complete the package!

Bianchi "Campione del Mondo" road bike / classic bike

Bianchi collector's item, a freshly restored legend in the cult colour "Celeste" with lots of gold and panthographs!

Mécacycle les Turbo Road Bike / Classic Bike

Mecacycle les Turbo racing bike - 80s rarity developed and patented for professional sports - valuable collector's item! Campagnolo equipment!

NOS Romani "Columbus SLX" road bike / classic bike

New 80's racing machine made from lightweight SLX tubing - complete Zeus /Spain equipment!

Enik "Dura Ace Black" road bike / classic bike

A rare 80's NRW Team racing bike from the German manufacturer Enik. Lightweight Reynolds 531 frame in combination with the rare Dura Ace "Black" full equipment in original condition!
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