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Vintage Bikes / Classic Road Bikes

Kalkhoff Professional 11 S "Dura Ace EX" road bike / classic bike

Kalkhoff Professional 11 S Classic Bike "Legend" in almost unused condition and complete Dura Ace EX equipment!

Bianchi "Record 915 Victory" road bike / classic bike

Bianchi collector's item, original restored - a legend in the cult colour "Celeste" with panthographs and complete Victory equipment!

Basso "GAP" road bike / classic bike

Basso "GAP" Classic Bike - frame construction art from Italy with Campagnolo Super-Record equipment - like new!

Gazelle Champion Mondial "Jubilee"

NOS Gazelle "Jubilee" Classic Bike - special model by Gazelle for the 100th anniversary of 1992 with Campagnolo C-Record full equipment - craftsmanship at its best!

Eddy Merckx "Kessel" road bike / classic bike

70's handmade by Kessel, frame building legend from Eddy Merckx - complete new Campagnolo Nuovo Record equipment!

Mécacycle les Turbo Road Bike / Classic Bike

Mecacycle les Turbo racing bike - 80s rarity developed and patented for professional sports - valuable collector's item! Campagnolo equipment!

Hugo Rickert special Reynolds 753 road bike / classic bike

90's handmade from Dortmund - "Real Steel meets High Tech" - complete new Campagnolo Record 11 compartment equipment!

Koga Miyata "Gentslux-S" road bike / classic bike

A Koga Miyata "Gentslux-S" Classic Bike in almost unused condition and complete Dura Ace EX equipment!

Gios Compact Plus "Evolution" road bike / classic bike

Gios Compact Plus "Evolution" Classic Bike with Campagnolo Chorus full equipment - the classic in its irresistible Gios Blue!

Gottfried Road Bike / Classic Bike

Gottfried Classic Bike - a Frenchman in an irresistible orange a la Molteni with rare Campagnolo Gran Sport equipment.

Mercier Formule 1 Road / Classic Bike

Mercier Formule 1 road bike - 80s aero era! Extremely rare! Valuable collector's item! Shimano Dura Ace AX equipment!

Bianchi record 748 Celeste road bike / classic bike

Bianchi "Rekord 748" racing bike, a freshly restored legend in the cult colour "Celeste" by Bianchi
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