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CrMo Sattelklemmbolzen Seat Pin 8mm mit Nase M6 x 19mm / 22mm / 25mm
CrMo seat clamp bolt Seat Pin 8mm with nose M6...
CrMo saddle clamp bolt with nose for classic racing bikes/steel frames diameter: 8 mm Thread: M6 Length: 19mm, 22mm or 25mm(inside) available Price for 1 piece
From €3.20 *
CrMo Sattelklemmbolzen Seat Pin 8 mm ohne Nase M6 x 16 / 25 mm silber
CrMo saddle clamp bolt Seat Pin 8 mm without...
CrMo Seat Pin 8mm without nose M6x20mm + M6x25mm Seat pin without nose for classic road bikes/ steel frames Diameter: 8 mm Thread: M6 Length: 20mm, 25 mm(inside) to choose from Price for 1 piece Color: silver
€4.20 *
NOS Campagnolo Sattelklemmbolzen Klemmbolzen- Seat Pin Binder Bolt - Vintage
NOS Campagnolo Seat Clamp Bolt - Seat Pin...
NOS Campagnolo saddle clamp bolt clamp bolt Seat Pin Binder Bolt - Vintage Original Campagnolo NOS(NEW OLD STOCK) total length approx. 19mm (inside), approx. 25mm (outside ) - with protective ring Campagnolo patent labelled
€38.80 *
Original Kartons Campagolo Super Record - unterschiedliche Varianten!
Original boxes Campagolo Super Record -...
Original boxes Campagnolo Super Record different versions available Condition varies - see pictures! it concerns empty cartons without contents!
From €24.80 *
Sattelklemmbolzen für Klassik Rennräder / Rahmen Stahl - M6 x 19 + 22 mm
Seat clamp bolt for classic road bikes / frame...
Width complete 24 mm / inside dimension 19 mm Width complete 26 mm / inside dimension 21 mm (screw is longer so 24 mm inside is possible / counterpart is flattened on two sides) Oldschool without groove - with corrugation that bites into...
€4.20 *
ZEUS Original Vintage Sattelklemmbolzen
ZEUS Original Vintage Seat Clamp Bolt
Original ZEUS saddle clamp bolt Vintage Made in Spain Inner dimension / length: 18mm outer dimension: 24mm Labelled with ZEUS SPAIN
€24.80 *
Original Naben Karton Campagnolo Record
Original hubs cardboard Campagnolo Record
Original hubs cardboard Campagnolo Record good condition - see pictures! it is an empty box without contents!
€29.80 *