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Racing bike rarities

Studio Brisant "Koga Miyata" ladies road bike / speed bike

a new edition of a Koga Miyata Touring road bike, a composition of Japanese components with French accessories "Gilles Berthoud mudguards"!

Romani Speedbike Classic Road Bike

80's Romani frame - equipped with golden details and many rare NOS parts

Patria "Golden Arrow" speedbike classic road bike

80's Patria frame - meets complete Shimano "Golden Arrow" equipment!

Studio Brisant "Kalkühler" racing bike

Reynolds 531 frame from Kalkühler "Bielefeld" - rebuilt with Campagnolo "Gran Sport" full equipment and fine details! A great bike for the little lady.

Studio Brisant "Vitus" racing bike

A city runabout on customer order, very valuable with Capagnolo Record equipment and high flange hubs with TB 14 rims!

Koga Miyata city bike / road bike

Cult Koga Gentsracer frame - rebuilt with Campagnolo "Gran Sport" full equipment, a city runabout of the special class!

Billato Road Bike / Classic Road Bike

Noble racer from Padova, painstakingly restored and rebuilt with Campagnolo on behalf of the customer, the most elaborate work so far, phew!

"Benotto 1500" Road Bike / Classic Road Bike

A piece of jewellery in a class of its own, built and tuned to the customer's specifications, Campagnolo a la Carte!

Studio Brisant "Francesco Moser" racing bike / city bike

An Italian reissued in "British Racing Green", complete Campagnolo Gran Sport equipment!

Studio Brisant "Koga Miyata" racing bike / city bike

A Japanese reissued in "British Racing Green", a composition of the pretty Shimano 600 Arabesque equipment, a bit of hammer blow and royal glamour.

"Record" Road Bike / Classic Bike

Small 80's racing machine in mint condition - Zeus /Spain equipment, new Mavic RD 550/ GP4 wheels!

Hardo Wagner road bike

Noble racer from Hardo Wagner / Southern Germany, complete Campagnolo Super Record, like new!
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